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WOW, this was the most difficult section of all to prepare.

Thousands and thousands of GREAT IMAGES have been taken from New Mexico Skies during the past 14 years. We found so many images, we didn't know where to start!

After much time and a great deal of soul searching, we felt it best to just point the viewer to a few websites that feature images taken at New Mexico Skies.

Click on the following links for New Mexico Skies Astro Images:

Click Here for Google and "New Mexico Skies" + astronomy

Click Here for Google IMAGES and "New Mexico Skies"

Rob Gendler & his NIGHTHAWK Observatory at New Mexico Skies

Rob Gendler's Astro Images (Rob is probably the best known amateur astronomer in the world)

Arnie Rosner's Rent-a-Scope @ New Mexico Skies


At New Mexico Skies, more is going on here than just amateur astronomy. You'll find "real" science taking place, plus research and educational programs.

N.O.A.O. - Research Based Science & Education Program at New Mexico Skies 

The Antioch ESPACE Academy

The Independent Teacher program

The Student Telescope Network

Seeing in the Dark, Internet Telescope


We spent less than 2 minutes on various Search Engines (Yahoo, Google, MSN, Lycos, etc.) and we found over 1,000 images that were taken at New Mexico Skies.  Some of the images were taken by beginners, other images were taken by intermediates, and many were taken by the most advanced imagers in the world (Rob Gendler keeps a telescope down here).

What ever your skill level, New Mexico Skies will allow you collect the best data. It was amazing to see the difference between the images taken at New Mexico Skies, versus those taken by the same amateur astronomer from their local observing site. Once you've imaged from New Mexico Skies, you'll find that having the best data makes image processing easier, MUCH EASIER!



Interesting facts:  All the astro-images shown on this website were taken by, and processed by beginning imagers, right here at New Mexico Skies.

None of our beginning imagers had taken more than 50 digital images, and all were taken with "one-shot" color cameras (no expensive CCD cameras or filters).

If a beginning imager can get these kinds of results, just think of what you can do....


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